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Towards the Realization of a Safety and Health Culture in the Workplace
With the continuing advocacy of DOLE-CAR in its program to empower workers thru the promotion of their occupational safety and health, an organizational meeting was conducted with the theme: "Attaining Zero Accident at the Workplace." The meeting was conducted on December 10, 2009 at the Conference Hall of DOLE-CAR.

There were 41 participants coming from the mining industry, transportation, manufacturing, academe, service provider (call centers), hotels and restaurants power industry, medical and health. There were also representatives from the Association of Safety Practitioners of the Philippines (ASSP), Baguio Chapter.

The OIC-Executive Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC), Ma. Teresita S. Cucueco, MD, MOH, was the first speaker who discussed about the latest International Labor Organization(ILO) report regarding workplace related accidents and the effort to make the public aware of occupational safety and health. She also talked about the National Occupational Safety and Health Medium Term Plan from 2006-2010 which emphasized on the harmonization of standards between the different government agencies concerned, and the Zero Accident Program (ZAP) which aims to promote safety and health of all workplaces and all workers.

DOLE-CAR Regional Director, Atty. Ana C. Dione, CPA, lectured on the rights, welfare and obligations of workers including management prerogatives.

After which, Supervising Labor and Employment Officer Apollo Luspian facilitated the formation of a core group of occupational safety and health network in the region with the different labor sectors being represented. The following are the names of the different representatives:
  • Manufacturing : Gilbert Rafer and Bernard Pecho
  • Academe : Dr. Miller Peckley and Dean Ramon Kindipan
  • Call Center : Alma Capya-ao and Dante Aguilar
  • Mining : Eliseo Gayados (PHILEX Mines) and Danny Peralta (Benguet Corp.)
  • Hotels : Michelle Acosta and Preston Degway
  • Energy and Water : Engr. Joseph Voltaire Vergara
  • Medical and Health : Dr. Evelyn Dayot and Dr. Shiela Villanueva
  • Transportation : Jonie Itliong
  • ASSP : Bernard Pecho
  • PEZA : Dale Challongen
The meeting was formally closed by Samuel T. Lasdacan, Chief of Benguet Field Office by further reiterating the importance of safety and health of all workers in their respective workplaces. (By: Francis A. Gonzalo Jr., LEO II and Melanie P. Banayos, LEO III)

The Official Website of DOLE-CAR