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1,932 HOTS for local and overseas employment Job Fair in Baguio City
BAGUIO CITY- Job seekers are excited as they will soon start their new careers after being Hired-on-the-Spot (HOTS) for overseas employment during second day of the 2013 Labor Day Job Fair at the of Baguio Convention Center.

Director Henry John Jalbuena confirmed a total of 387 HOTS for overseas employment. This comprises 41 males and 104 females adding up to 2,041 registrants.

Aside from the HOTS there were 958 interviewed applicants; 2,113 were sent for further interview and 40 were deemed as near hires but were first referred to the Technical Education and Skills Development Administration (TESDA) for training.

Dir. Jalbuena said summing up the two day job fair, a total of 7,396 registrants for both local and overseas employment while the total number of job vacancies is 10,789 for both local and overseas job.

Aside from that a total of 5,674 registered applicants refererred for further interview. A total of 281 were near hires and referred to TESDA.

There were 1,932 HOTS of which 1,545 are local and 387 are for overseas employment.

(Patrick Rillorta - LEO II)

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