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Change in the highest leadership in DOLE CAR
Effective February 01, 2011, per AO 518 s. 2011 signed by Secretary Baldos on December 20, 2011, the highest leadership in DOLE-CAR will be headed by Director Henry John S. Jalbuena, the present DOLE-R01 director. Atty Sixto T. Rodriguez, Jr., the out-going DOLE-CAR regional director was assigned to Region 2. The AO further states that the change in DOLE regional offices leadership was not only in CAR but true to all regions in the Philippines. Sec. Baldoz said the new developments in the assignments of senior officials is intended for the best interest of the service and to further strengthen the service delivery in the different regional offices.

Relative to this, a simple turnover ceremony was held at DOLE-CAR Conference Hall on January 26, 2012. Atty. Rodriguez, Jr. in his speech expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the DOLE staff, the memories of DOLE-CAR where he was molded for almost 17 years will forever be cherished, he said. The movement in leadership he said is a sacrificial price in order that others will shine. He ended by entrusting the people of DOLE-CAR to the in-coming director.

Director Jalbuena on his part was happy, grateful and humbly accepted the new challenge and opportunity in his life. To him the movement will be a new learning experience in his career. Jalbuena thanked the presence of R01 staff during the turnover for sharing with him the momentous day in his life including their support and cooperation during his stay in R01. He ended by leaving a message of eagerness to learn from the competent DOLE-CAR staff.

Assistant Regional Director Teodoro T. Delson in his opening remarks said, Regions 1, 2 and CAR is likened to a family where R1 and R2 are CARs parent. Delson expressed his gratitude particularly to R1 staff for being the mentors of DOLE CAR staff pioneers when it was created in the later part of 1988 as a result of the creation of the Cordillera Administartive Region by virtue of Executive Order No. 220 signed by then her excellency President Corazon C. Aquino.

George Lubin Jr. - LEO III

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