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National Line Agencies Convergence on Tree Planting
In compliance with the National Greening Program created by President Aquino through Executive Order No. 26, declaring the implementation as government priority to pursue sustainable development for poverty reduction, food security, biodiversity conservation, and climate change mitigation, the Department of Labor and Employment- Apayao along with the different National Line Agencies participated in the tree planting along the road at Barangay Lappa up to Firebase, boundary of Lappa and the known Marag Valley, Luna, Apayao

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) being the lead agency, identified forty eight point three (48.03) hectares to be planted and provided varied seedlings of bearing and non bearing fruit trees such as Mahogany, Narra, Rambutan, Cocoa, Tway, Citrus, Lanzones, and other trees which will not only redounds to man's need on shelter and food, but also the environment.

With many trees planted, it is expected that the collective efforts of the National Line Agencies will achieve the objective within five years to fifteen years from now. The realization of this Program is not like a magic and is far from over but conservation and development should be inculcated in every one's mind to attain sustainable development of the National Greening Program.

(Darwin G. Hombrebueno)

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