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17 February 2011

DOLE-Abra Field Office, 2nd Flr. Calixterio Bldg, Capitulacion St., Bangued, Abra


            Alona Manganaan – PESO Dolores
            Daisy Gaspar – PESO San Quintin
            Jimmy Bacuyag – PESO Malibcong
            Constancia Trongco – PESO PGA
            Jocelyn Lingbaoan – PESO Penarrubia
            Adelaida Balubar – PESO Bangued
            Ulysis Martinez – PESO Sallapadan
            Benjie Ballera – PESO Bucay Representative
            Sessie Barbosa – PESO AVC
            Eduardo Sagudang – PESO Manabo
            Erlinda Yang – PESO Lacub
            Edmund Cital – PESO Villavicisoa
            Joseph Cabrales – PESO San Isidro
            Kristine Joy Valera – PESO Lagangilang
            Aniceta Agpaoan – PESO Bucloc
            Marietta Ta-a – PESO San Juan
            Norlinda Pias – OFW Center (PGA)
            Dina Ponciano – OWWA-CAR Staff
            Arthur Vister – OWWA-CAR Staff
            Christopher Tugadi - DOLE-AFO Staff
            Emerito A. Narag – DOLE-AFO Head


            Rameses Baay – PESO Boliney
            Alejo Badeng – PESO Daguioman
            Oscar Badajos – PESO Langiden
            Raymund Gerardo – PESO Luba
            Fely Cabanilla – PESO Pidigan
            Edward Mina – PESO Pilar
            Romualdo Eduarte - PESO Tayum
            Dalen Daoal – PESO Tineg


The 1st PESO Bimonthly Meeting was sponsored by DOLE-Abra Field Office. The agenda of the meeting were as follows:

       1. Highlights of 2010 PESO YEPA / 1st Provincial PESO Meeting
       2. Orientation on Career & Employment Coaching Modules
       3. Update on Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) and Livelihood Projects

       4. Orientation on Wage Order #14
       5. OWWA Concerns
       6. Other Matters
          a. Inventory on Infra Projects
          a. PESO Survey
          a. Best PESO Search

Highlights of 2010 PESO YEPA & 1st Provincial PESO Meeting

Mr. Chris Tugadi re-echoed on the highlights of the 2010 PESO YEPA specifically on some updates of the PESOPhil. He also made a review on the performance assessment of PESOs for the year 2010. He acknowledged the concerned PESOs who contributed much in meeting the targets.

Dr. Emer Narag explained and discussed briefly the PESO Institutionalization which is one of the targets to be conducted this year 2011. He told them that some LGUs were already provided orientation on PESO directing to its institutionalization. He also re-echoed on the recently conducted Orientation on Institutionalization of PESO to the SP Members of Abra including the Vice-Governor of Abra. As stated by SP Bachiller, the Chairman on Labor and Employment Committee, he tried to lobby the institutionalization of the PESO but unfortunately their budget for 2011 is not sufficient. So they will try to lobby again in the next budgeting. The Vice Governor told the body that he will try to talk with the Governor about the matter.

The PESO Managers were also informed about the training on Skills Registry System. The Municipality of Bangued is included as one of the target municipality for the 2nd wave training for the SRS. Since the schedule of the second wave is not yet determined, they were advised to use the SRS forms instead of the CNMRS forms in registering their jobseekers.

After giving the highlights on the 2010 PESO YEPA, Mr. Chris Tugadi also re-echoed on the conducted 1st Provincial PESO Meeting on January 12, 2010. The 1st Provincial PESO Meeting was integrated during the simple blessing of the new office of DOLE-Abra. The PESO incentives were also distributed during the activity. The how, what, and why of PESO incentive was fully explained by Dr. Narag.

Orientation on Career and Employment Coaching Modules

Mr. Chris Tugadi and Ms. Sessie Barbosa facilitated the orientation on the 4 modules for the Career and Employment Coaching.

The four modules were as follows:

       Module 1: Career vs. Job        Module 2: Self-Assessment        Module 3: LMI        Module 4: Winning Edge

Lecture and group activity were done during the orientation. The PESO Managers were asked to coordinate with their respective high schools for the Career and Employment Coaching schedule.

Update on SPES, Livelihood, Wage Order#14

Mr. Chris Tugadi discussed the SPES Advisory issued by DOLE Regional Office specifically on the amendment of the program regarding the annual net income of parents of the students, the documentary requirements, and qualifications of students who could avail the program.

Dr. Narag discussed the qualifying exams to be conducted by the DOLE Personnel as additional requirement in screening student-applicants. He also informed the group that the Province of Abra was awarded 1st Place as Best in Implementation of SPES due to its consistent compliance with the requirements of the program and the 100% payment of its beneficiaries. He requested then the concerned PESOs / LGUs who availed the program that the record of the province with regards to the implementation of the program should be maintained and improved more.

The deadline of the submission of the schedule for the qualifying exams was also presented.

Initial Schedule:
March 14 - ASIST Lagangilang
March 15 - PGA (AM)
- Bangued (PM)
March 16 - Dolores
March 18 - Lagangilang
March 30 - San Quintin

With regards to the livelihood, Dr. Narag updated the group about the numbers of beneficiaries who were already provided with their required materials/equipment by municipality. He informed them that the release was still partial. The other equipment/materials to follow as soon as the checks for the suppliers will be processed at the Regional Office. He encouraged the group to submit proposals either individual or group. These proposals will be submitted at the Regional Office for approval.

After giving an update on livelihood project, he made a brief discussion on the new minimum wage, the Wage Order # 14. He explained some salient points of the order.

OWWA Concerns

Ms. Dina Ponciano discussed the program and services of OWWA. She highlighted the creation of Migrant Desk in the LGUs.

PESO Matters

Mr. Chris Tugadi followed up the Survey Questionnaires of the PESOs. He also reiterated the submission of their inventory of infra project reports from their respective municipalities.

Dr. Narag also talked about the Best PESO Search. He informed the group that Ms. Constancia Trongco, Provincial PESO was nominated for the search. He explained the criteria for the nomination for the Best PESO Search.


The diaries of the PESOs and planners for the LCEs were distributed after the activity.

Prepared by:                         Noted by:

Christopher B. Tugadi                         Emerito A. Narag, PhD
LEO III                                              OIC-Provincial Head

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