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Province of Abra


Provincial PESO Office, Ground Floor, TLDC Bldg., Bangued, Abra

April 15, 2010


            Daisy Gaspar – PESO San Quintin
            Eduardo A. Sagudang – PESO Manabo
            Adelaida Balubar – PESO Bangued
            Romualdo Eduarte – PESO Tayum
            Constancia Trongco – PESO PGA
            Marietta Ta-a – PESO San Juan
            Sessie B. Barbosa – PESO AVC
            Elfivicte Zapata, Jr. – PESO Dolores
            Jocelyn Lingbaoan – PESO Peñarrubia
            Dalen Daoal – PESO Tineg
            Christopher Tugadi – DOLE-AFO Staff
            Fredelina Biato – OFW Center
            Norlinda Pias – OFW Center
            Maydeline Tuscano – PESO PGA Staff
            Fred B. Baroña – TESDA Abra
            Rogelio O. Alagao – DTI Abra
            Rudelia Balmaceda – TLDC
            Marites Bobila – TLDC
            Jerry Bosque – TLDC
            Marjorie Trinidad - TLDC
            Ma. Nelida Tipon – PGSO

The Provincial PESO in partnership with the Department of Labor and Employment held its 2nd PESO Bimonthly Meeting and Provincial Jobs Fair Committee meeting on April 15, 2010 at the Provincial PESO Office, TLDC Bldg., Bangued, Abra

The agenda of the meeting were as follows:
       1.    Updates on 2009 Provincial Jobs Fair
       2.    Preparation for the 2010 Provincial Jobs Fair
       3.    PESO Matters

Update on the 2009 Provincial Jobs Fair & Preparation for the 2010 Jobs Fair

Ms. Constancia Trongco, Provincial PESO, first acknowledged the presence of the participants and after which she made a review on the 2009 Provincial Jobs Fair. Ms. Trongco solicited the group about their comments on the 2009 Provincial Jobs Fair that needs to be strengthened or discarded for inclusion to this year’s jobs fair.


       1. The physical set-up of the jobs fair should be changed.
       2. The information dissemination of the activity was not sufficient that leads to low turn out of applicants registered.
       3. Shortages of food for the participating agencies and members of the committee.


       1. Some suggested that the physical set up should be changed due to the hot weather condition of the province. They suggested that the registration area, writing, and shopping area should be placed at the atrium and the screening/interview area at the social hall of the capitol building. This is to provide recruitment agencies and job seekers better working environment. Ms. Trongco accepted the suggestion and informed the group that she will be requesting for its approval from the Office of the Governor.
       2. As to information dissemination, it was suggested that additional streamers should be posted not only within the Bangued Town Proper but also outside the town proper.
       3. The food committee suggested that the meal stubs should be strictly used to avoid shortages of food.


       1. One concern that was raised with regards to low turned out of applicants registered in 2009 Provincial Jobs Fair were insufficient information dissemination of the program and lack of streamers. Ms. Trongco informed the group that due to limited budget for the streamer last year, they were not able to prepare sufficient number of streamers to be posted but she informed the group that there are certain agencies that are willing to help with regard to the streamers. The group then recommended Ms. Trongco to request from those agencies that are willing to help for additional streamers.
       2. With regard to the food, the food committee informed the group that they should no longer distribute snacks and meals to the participants, but rather give the participants meal stubs to be surrendered to the committee for their snacks/meals. This is to avoid shortages of the food.


Ms. Trongco reviewed the functions and responsibilities of every members of the committee. There were some changes made as to specific functions of every committee. Ms. Trongco assigned specific persons to every committee. She reiterated that the assigned persons should be present during the jobs fair and that they should perform their assigned tasks as agreed upon.

As to the airing/plugging of the activity, Ms. Sessie Barbosa requested the group to prepare a script to be indorsed to the HOT FM Radio Station. However, Ms. Trongco assigned then Ms. Sessie Barbosa, Ms. Marjorie Trinidad (TLDC), and Mr. Fred Baroña (TESDA) in the preparation of the script. The committee requested to include the documentary requirements of job applicants such as resumes, pictures, etc.

Mr. Chris Tugadi gave an update on the potential recruitment agencies to be invited by POEA-La Union and DOLE Regional Office for local employers for the jobs fair. Letter of invitation shall be prepared once the accommodation and food of the participating recruitment agencies be finalized by the Provincial PESO.

After which, Ms. Trongco scheduled a follow through meeting on April 28, 2010 to finalize said activity.

PESO Matters

Mr. Chris Tugadi reiterated the submission of monthly PESO report utilizing the new prescribed reporting forms given during the 1st PESO Bimonthly meeting. Likewise, informed the PESOs on the submission of profiled affected workers together with project proposal by the El Niño phenomenon in coordination with their respective Municipal Agriculture Office.

Prepared by:                         Noted by:

Christopher B. Tugadi                         Emerito A. Narag, PhD
LEO III                                              OIC-Provincial Head

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